Preparing For Battle

Our family is preparing for a great battle again.  Mike was diagnosed with Stage 2 Esophageal Cancer on April 26.

We have fought a great battle before and lost.

Mike begins treatment next week.  An intense regimen that will likely kick his ass and rock our world.  He has chemo once a week and radiation five days a week for a 5 weeks.  All of his treatment is 2 hours away… so that means traveling FOUR hours every day. Mike then has a month off and then he will have surgery to remove the tumor that has taken up residence in his body and is causing him immense pain.

The difference between this battle and Katy’s battle is we are TIRED. We were just, just navigating our way through our new normal, maybe making a little ground and bam! We were knocked off our axis once again.  I honestly don’t know how we will survive this battle.  I am tired.  Mike is tired. Patrick is worried.

I know that once again we will depend on the love of our friends and family to help get us through the next few months.  Thank you for all the love and prayers.




One thought on “Preparing For Battle

  1. Dear Aimee
    One thing I have learned especially in the last few weeks the battle in the mind and body is endless!! The only answer I have found to work and I mean really work is to find rest in God. I know this sounds cliche but honestly I can’t make it without Him.
    Your struggles are real and the battle ahead is hard but God already knew this would happen and He hasn’t forgotten you and your struggles. I am one who tries over and over to do things for myself by myself to be strong . What I am learning is that I don’t have to be strong because He is my strength. God’s desire to be in relationship with us is so real that he allows us these times to totally have to rely on Him. He will send people to help. It ultimately He is your Help. You will not only get through surviving but He wants you to thrive and find His strength is like no other . We all do it but try not to fear the future but take each day as it comes sufficient for itself and keep reaching out to others and most of all, keep crying out to Jesus.


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