Me & My Katy Girl

This blog is a continuation of a story I started on my old blog where I wrote and shared all of Katy’s medical ups and downs…and our hopes for our future.  I tried so hard to go back to that sacred space… so many times I sat down to write and I was incapable of stringing together a coherent sentence.  Often times I never even got that far.

So although this blog is a continuation of my old blog it is also a new beginning…                                     I love a good contradiction.

I’m a wife and mama to three amazing children.  My oldest daughter Kathryn ( Katy) was born with a congenital heart defect and after an amazing six and a half years and an equally amazingly brave battle she went to Heaven in August of 2014. This new space is a continuation of my story, our story, Katy’s story.  A story about infinite love that dances between two worlds, Heaven and Earth. It’s a story of a woman who married her White Knight and expected to live happily ever. It’s the story of changing what happily ever after looks like to include: hospitalizations, medications, cath labs and transplant lists… to raising your children in a hospital, so you can be together as a family. It’s the story of making plans and navigating your new normal only to realize that God has a completely different plan for you. It’s the story of a woman grappling with her faith, her life, and the unknown future. It’s the story of gratitude, grief and grace.

This new space doesn’t have a specific purpose.  Other than to fill a void. I write for myself. I write for self-reflection. I write for a way to clear some space in my head. I write to remember where I have been. I write so that my kids will have a deeper understanding of their sister and their mom. Patrick is 7 and Riley is 2.  I hope that this space will allow them to see a piece of my heart and for them to read about the love and light that Katy shined on this world both while she was here on earth and down from Heaven.

Love is infinite.